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We are very proud of our distinguished alumni:

Erin Andrews, Fox Sports

Dancing With the Stars Co-Host

Courtney Russ

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader

Lauren Outlaw

TV Choreographer

Kendra Andrews

Star of Movies and Television


Quinn Zagorc

Equity Dancer, Walt Disney World,

Cruise Ships, Sea World

Kelly Kennedy Emmons

Equity Performer, Walt Disney World,

Universal Studios, Legoland

Laura Brick

Dancer, Odysee Dance Company

Andrea Noriega

Equity Dancer, Walt Disney World


Jesse Houston
Royal Carribean Cruise Dancer

Maria Rodriguez
Broadway Tour,  On Your Feet
Film - West Side Story 

Kierstin Casey

Equity Performer, Walt Disney World

Olivia Campbell
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cheerleader

Kelly Carter

Professional Cheerleader

Hayley Lukin

UCF Dance Moves 

Shari Hanes

 Dancer, Busch Gardens

Dionne Noble

Co-Artistic Director, Noble Motion Dance

Jillian Revels

UCF Dance Moves

Taylor Vicente
FSU Golden Girl

Nadine Young

SNN Television Reporter

Madison Springer
UCF Dance Moves

Andrea Work

Holland America Cruise Dancer

Kaitlyn Seiler
Oklahoma State University
Pom Squad
Alessandra Berrojo 
Dancer Busch Gardens
Abigail Kim
FSU Golden Girl
Screenshot 2022-09-08 at 5.04.27 PM.jpeg
Amanda Sherwin
Writer for Dance Spirit Magazine
Samantha Garateix
UT Spartan Scarlets Dance Team
Sophia Devito
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cheerleader
Jenna Gicker
FSU Golden Girl
Tori Wegner
FSU Golden Girl
Meghan White
UF Dazzler
Abby Siebert
FSU Golden Girl
Ilyssa Ramirez
UCF Knight Moves
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